Meet the Pixels: Episode Eleven

Hello everyone! Summer is at peak, and we all struggle with the heat waves. Getting ready for another hot weekend we prepared a new “Meet the Pixels” episode to cool down a little bit. Powered by Pixel Bowl Studio, this episode highlights Iuliana, our amazing Office Coordinator who makes sure our life in the office is a spectacular one.

Iuliana joined us in October 2022 and quickly became the heart and soul of our team. Without any doubt, she is the driving force that keeps things running smoothly and maintains a workplace filled with energy and good spirits. If we have to find a synonym for kindness and generosity, for sure it would be “Iuliana”. Whenever you need help, advice or finding a solution for your problem, she is the first person to turn to. She is always willing to lend a hand and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Always cheerful and positive, she manages to brighten up each day at the office. No matter the daily challenges, Iuliana always finds reasons to smile and makes us smile along with her. But wait, her superpowers don’t end there! With care and attention, she ensures we always have a variety of fresh fruits, juices, and even delicious ice cream for those moments when we need to treat ourselves. With Iuliana by our side, every workday becomes a beautiful experience!

Iuliana is the number one fan of Grey’s Anatomy series and loves dogs, especially the cute Labrador Retrievers and Beagles. She likes spending time and relaxing with her friends and family. Although not a big fan of pizzas after joining us and discovering our secret pizza shop near the office she added mortadella pistachio and lemon pizza to her all-time favorite foods.

We feel fortunate to have her on our team so let’s send her a huge “Thank You!” and rejoice in her wonderful presence in our professional lives.

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