Our services

Attention to details is what makes our Pixels different.

Functionality QA

Our core Methodology is focused on Agile Testing that takes place concurrently with the software development, which entails it as an integral part of the overall development process.

  • Allows Ops and Development work closely together at every stage of the development meaning glitches and errors are far more likely to be identified sooner than later
  • Reduces the time it takes for software to go on market and as repairs are carried out at this time rather than after the fact, costs and time spent on labor are reduced
  • As the focus of agile is on integration, teams work closely together at all points of the development , which translates in to an increased emphasis on effective communication

Our services include:

Functional Testing Services; Certification and Submission QA; Stress and Load Testing; Hardware Certification Testing; Hardware Compatibility Testing for PC and Mobile; Network Performance Testing; Compliance and Submission Validation

Compatibility QA

Vast hardware PC and Mobile library

Compatibility QA includes performance monitoring on a wide range of hardware and software configurations (PC and Mobile), and testing designed to identify issues that can affect end-users. 

Our team can cover a vast amount of configuration that can range from simple top 20 most used PC or Mobile specs to more detailed ranges for games or application that covers a larger end-user base. 

We can provide expertise that can range from identifying the specific needs for each individual project to simpler on demand checks. 

Our lab covers more than 100 PC video cards (AMD, Nvidia and Intel) that can spread over thousands of PC configurations while our mobile device pool covers more 200 devices (iOS, Android and Amazon).

Localization QA

Localization & LQA are an integral part of our gaming support services tailored to help our partners in providing a seamless experience to the gaming passionate worldwide.

Our Approach 

  • Pre-analysis for new project
  • Establish string typology
  • Draft style guide with development teams (capitalization, register, hyphenation, glossary, punctuation)
  • Draft testing modules specific to region-specific, Culture/locale-specific and language-specific
  • Integrate development resources in centralized in-house Knowledge Management tools (Wiki, KB, LQA repositories)

Our gaming translation services are provided by a global pool of highly qualified individuals. The Pixel Bowl gaming translation team consists of professional translators who understand the world of gaming very well; they are familiar with the technical terms and lingo used in the gaming industry in various countries.


Support Services

We have combined 200+ years of experience in Video Games industry that allows us to tackle a wide range of service configurations. Our team can react fast and scale up on a short notice when needed and our well-connected location allows competitive rates for all services that we provide.

  • User Experience Consultancy

UX Research; UX & Interface Analysis; UX Evaluation Reports; Quantitative & Qualitative Play Tests

  • Live Support/Player Support

24/7/365 verification support; Helping CS, reducing response times; Immediate issue escalation; Organized reporting; Dynamic test suites;

  • Project Management for Gaming

Our Project Management services help organizations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. We can also help optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the inputs that will drive the completion of the project’s objectives. Extensive knowledge with all major Project Management methodologies.