Our story

In 2023, four years from our start we are embarked into a new adventure that promises to be even more interactive than our previous experience, filled with challenges that are meant to test our ability to evolve in to a top quality assurance provider for videogames.

We have managed to build a young but dedicated team that is ready to tackle any industry challenge and this is just the beginning as we plan to grow even more and build success stories for our partners, clients and employees.

Our Values

People First

We motivate our employees to achieve their highest potential. Authenticity, communication and celebration are the cornerstones of our people-first philosophy, encouraging everyone at the company to reach peak performance. When our people feel valued, they’re inspired to become the best versions of themselves, and in turn, yield outstanding results for our clients.

Be Bold

We encourage everyone to make bold decisions, even if that means being wrong some of the time. This is the very soul of competitiveness: firmness in making decisions or in forcing their implementation, an acceptance periodically to challenge one’s orientations and the status quo.

Have Fun

Feeling good about being part of the company, feeling proud of what we do, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency, feeling part of challenging projects.

Happy testers, happy clients

At Pixel Bowl, we believe that having happy employees is the key to creating happy clients. We strive to create a positive and productive work environment, while providing our employees with a competitive salary and benefits package. We offer flexible work arrangements that allow our employees to balance their work and family lives. We provide career development opportunities and encourage our employees to take ownership of their own career paths. We also recognize and reward the accomplishments and hard work of our employees.

Our commitment to our employees is reflected in our commitment to our clients. We understand that happy employees create better customer experiences, which lead to satisfied and loyal customers. We provide our employees with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs well and to create a positive customer experience. We also ensure our employees are well trained and equipped to handle customer inquiries and grievances. By creating a positive work environment and providing our employees with the support and resources they need, we strive to ensure that our employees remain happy and productive, which in turn creates happy clients.