Meet the Pixels: Episode Six

Hello everyone! Our Meet the Pixels series continues this fall to put our story mode into the virtual world. Powered by Pixel Bowl Studio, this episode will try to catch-up and will highlight one of the most famous duos that the QA has seen, Gabriel and Alexandru-Mihai, our new Marvel Leads. Our own “Iron Man” and “War Machine” both good friends who share a common start in the QA life. Gabi loves to tinker, having some kind of magic in his hands as he turned bricked consoles back to life, likes to play cool and you can spot him wearing his cool sunglasses with style and listening to his music, a real Iron Man. Mihai is a QA battle hardened veteran in the industry, and one of our most experienced Pixels. He loves his coffee and enjoys keeping his teams happy and highly motivated while he suits up to take on the bad bugs and to save the end of day reports. With their skills and sheer determination any project looks like a piece of pie, and we love pie.