Pixel Bowl Manifesto

“Put a story mode in to the virtual world.”

It all started with this idea and a series of questions that we tried to answer for ourselves. What makes a good story? Understanding the key elements of a great story and what satisfies clients regardless of finer details (such as genre) will help you write a more successful experience. We’re satisfied when experiences achieve certain effects, such as moving us, inspiring us to wonder. With the advent of QA providers there are now more companies than ever on the video-game market. So how do you make a story good so it is more successful? There is no straightforward answer for this questions so we looked at the core of our values and shaped them to fit our goal to build the perfect story.

We have defined a series of operating principles that we think stand apart from the current service landscape and can turn us in to an important presence in the industry:

Customer Stories

Most companies rely heavily on traditional marketing to demonstrate their value to potential clients. There is nothing wrong with saying, “Our company has a wonderful product/service that helps people achieve these outcomes,” but it is far more powerful and effective when your clients communicate this message for you in their own words and validate your company. We want to create bespoke customer advocacy through our services and through the personalized experience we offer for each client.

Hire the Best

From the start our goal was to always look to hire the best talent available on the market. Using our extensive experience in the industry we researched each individual that we considered a good fit in our team even if this implies paying top salaries for the senior staff as we want to compete in quality not in cost efficiency. As a result, the quality levels we managed to deliver are always high and allow us to deliver faster and smarter than most of our competitors.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the nature of creating something new, either a new idea, concept or method. Innovation is using creativity to enhance performance of a process, person, team or organization.
Videogame industry is facing changes like never before. Numerous driving forces to this change include a rapidly expanding marketplaces, increasing competition and new technology. Creative thinking and Innovation are often the key to success for a business.
We foster an environment of imagination, exploration, acceptable risk, and “what ifs.” Meet the Devil’s Advocate at the door and refuse them entry. We give people time to think, toys to spark off, and diverse partners to play with.


These values are meant to constantly challenge us to be better. We’re aware that some of them may be impossible to fully achieve but we strive everyday knowing that if we try to achieve them, this will naturally create the right set of behaviors we want to see in the company.

People First

We motivate our employees to achieve their highest potential. Authenticity, communication and celebration are the cornerstones of our people-first philosophy, encouraging everyone at the company to reach peak performance. When our people feel valued, they’re inspired to become the best versions of themselves, and in turn, yield outstanding results for your clients.

Be Bold

We encourage everyone to make bold decisions, even if that means being wrong some of the time.
This is the very soul of competitiveness: firmness in making decisions or in forcing their implementation, an acceptance periodically to challenge one’s orientations and the status quo.

Have Fun

Feeling good about being part of the company, feeling proud of what we do, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency, feeling part of challenging projects.

Our Journey

In 2021, two years from our start we embark into a new adventure that promises to be even more interactive than our previous experience, filled with challenges that are meant to test our ability to evolve in to a top quality assurance provider for the videogaming industry.
We have managed to build a young but dedicated team that is ready to tackle any industry challenge and this is just the beginning as we plan to grow even more and build success stories for our partners, clients and employees.