Development Services

Building immersive and impeccable experiences is a difficult task without an experienced and dedicated Support team. Our Development Support services include QA, QE, Customer Support and Community Management.

We collaborate with top Support teams around the world to ensure the best expertise and experience for Developers and Live Users.

We excel at providing excellent development services, infused with design creativity, pursuing resolute quality, while learning and having fun.

What we do

Full Development Support

  • Quality Assurance
  • Custormer Support and Comunity Management

Experience on PC, Consoles and Mobile

  • Also smaller web based games

Occasionally we step into Business and Project Management Development/Auditing for smaller teams/projects

What we can offer

  • Black box QA, DevQA
  • Mobile/Console Compliance
  • Mobile/PC Compatibility
  • Crowdtesting, Large Scale Playtests


  • Localization & LQA (French, German, Russian and Romanian)

Customer Support and Comunity Management

  • Live Support (English)