About us

Pixel Bowl Studio is a start-up devoted to create immersive and engaging story driven experiences for Mobile, PC and Consoles.

We enjoy helping Developers build and launch ideas using our vast knowledge in Web, Mobile, PC and Console development.

We also like pie. Contact us if you have pie.

What we do

Game Development

We are Game Developers at core. Working on our own titles that focus on story driven experiences helps us understand and also provide assistance in delivering bespoke solutions for developers from Concept to Live stages. Our Pixels have extensive experience working on titles for Mobile, PC and Consoles from F2P Indies to AAA titles.


We are not limiting ourselves just to Game Development. Combining rich and creative experiences in the virtual world works best with taking some time to build Apps and tools to use in the real world.

Development Support

Building immersive and impeccable experiences is a dificult task without an experienced and dedicated Support team. Our Development Support services include QA, QE, Customer Support and Comunity Management.


You can send us an email at hello@pixelbowlstudio.com

Or follow and talk to us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.