Meet the Pixels: Episode Nine

We are excited to introduce you to one of our most vital team member at Pixel Bowl Studio, George Sandoi our IT Wizard. As part of our Meet the Pixels series, we want to share a bit about George and his unique qualities.

George is a tech-savvy person who is always eager to learn about new technologies. He loves to tinker and experiment with different gadgets, and he has a knack for figuring out how things work. His passion for technology is contagious, and he is always excited to share his knowledge with others.

One of George’s greatest qualities is his sense of humor. He is a funny person who loves to make people laugh, and his wit and charm are always appreciated by his colleagues. He has a way of telling funny stories about his tech experiences that will leave you in stitches.

George is also a very trustworthy person. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it, and his colleagues know that they can always count on him. His kind-hearted nature and dependability make him a valuable member of our team.

When George is not tinkering with technology, you can find him taking his dog for a walk. He is a devoted pet owner, and he loves spending time outdoors with his furry friend. However, when it comes to food, George is not very adventurous. He tends to stick with what he knows and doesn’t like to experiment with new flavors.

We feel fortunate to have George as part of our team, and we know that his unique combination of tech-savviness, humor, and dependability will make him an asset to any organization. Thank you for taking the time to meet one of our pixels!