Meet the Pixels: Episode Seven

Hello everyone! New year, new “Meet the Pixels” episode! Powered by Pixel Bowl Studio, this episode highlights Alina, our amazing Project Manager or as we call her, our Wonder Woman.

When Alina was a little girl, she was fantasizing about becoming an Archeologist, due to her passion for history. Something changed along the way as she was discovering that she could create her own magic world by playing video games.

Decades later (not that many), she’s making history at Pixel Bowl spreading her knowledge, kindness, and love to the amazing crew of pixels that gathered around her.
If we were to guess five of her hobbies, we would say that video games, classic cars and fighter aircrafts are three of them. Though the last two can vary greatly, as she is a being of great curiosity and enthusiasm, we heard that dragons are quite often on the list.

Gamer by night, Wonder Woman by day, we are just extremely lucky to have her joining us from the very beginning. We just love Alina and her dragons!